Foundation for Intercultural Dialogue


FID Lecture Series hosted once again a very distinguished speaker ;Dr. Esad Boskailo. Dr. Boskailo enlightened us on Wednesday evening about Bosnian Genocide and its post effects on not only people but also relationships between societies and cultures.

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TMY Article

Once again, TMY visitors honored us. Once again, TMY provided the largest booth section as an VIP Vendor. Once again ,our volunteers had to forget about their breaks during their shifts.

It has been such a joyful and entertaining weekend for the city of Tucson.

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What a Turnout ! Dr. Ali gave a very informative and inspirational lecture to her audience tonight. People from different walks of life attended the event and overextended the lecture due to highly interesting topics that have been addressed as well.

Special Thanks to Dr. Ali for this great lecture as well as our volunteers who made this evening possible.


Foundation for Intercultural Diague is organizing monthly International Cooking classes. This month on September 27th, we learned about Japanese Cuisine.

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Foundation for Inter-Cultural Dialog volunteers are invited to the Campus Christian Center to discuss about how the interfaith dialog develops inter-religious peace and the establishment of peace. The Christian Center's volunteers served delicious foods for their guests.

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hope inc

FlD volunteers organized a clothing drive and donated those clothes to the HOPE inc. to be given people in need. 12 boxes of clothing were donated to refugee mothers and children in need.



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