Foundation for Intercultural Dialogue


International Cooking Club

Foundation for Intercultural Diague is organizing monthly International Cooking classes. This month on September 27th, we learned about Japanese Cuisine.

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hope inc

HOPE inc. Clothing Drive

FlD volunteers organized a clothing drive and donated those clothes to the HOPE inc. to be given people in need. 12 boxes of clothing were donated to refugee mothers and children in need.



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9-11 Remembrance - The Courage for Peace: An Evening of Stories and Prayer

Tucson remembered the 9/11 tragedy and condemned terror all together. The evening of stories was the real courage for universal peace and on this night people from Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Baha'i, and American lndian traditions talked about their stories of reflection, tolarence, and finding true peace in their life. The courage for peace: An evening of Stories and Prayer was organized by Muslim community Center of Tucson, Weintraub lsrael Center, Culture of Peace Alliance (COPA), and Temple Emanu-el which is also hosting the organization. Sat Bir Kaur Khalsa from Sikh tradition was the presenter of this wonderful night of reflection and mutual understanding of each others' stories in a peaceful atmosphere. As FlD volunteers, we joined and appreciated to be witness of all the courage of peace stories on that night and prayed together for global peace and tolarence.

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Tucson Tea Night

People from different cultures, religions, beliefs and languages came together on the night of September 9 to take part in building peace, friendship and harmony. The program was called Tea Night. We had a wonderful time with our friends during the tea night which took place at Dialog Center.

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